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Entertaining Guests At Your At-Home Wedding

Is the pandemic throwing a wrench into your wedding plans? Some couples are deciding to have small, at-home weddings until we can all celebrate properly. But just because you’re tying the knot in your backyard, on your porch, or even in your living room, there’s no need to sacrifice a memorable day with your favorite people! We’ve put together some ideas for entertaining your family and friends during your intimate at-home wedding. Enjoy your big day, and celebrate the most important thing- your marriage!


It only takes one person to have a dance party, and you have 10! Create a playlist of songs you can’t resist dancing to. Anyone can move to 80’s hits and disco, or you can even pull up a wedding reception playlist on your favorite music streaming app!

Do those cheesy dances you typically wouldn’t at your large reception. Hate the Hokey Pokey? Do it! And laugh your way through. That’s what it’s all about! (See what we did there?)

Now is the perfect time to teach your family at least one of those wedding line dances they don’t know how to do. Because who wouldn’t want to see Mom and Dad do The Wobble at your cousin’s wedding next year?


Let your guests play the role of Professional Mixologist! Provide drink menus, recipe cards, and all of the ingredients for specialty cocktails. Add some fun garnishes and maybe even a little dry ice for some flair! (Be sure to provide tongs since dry ice shouldn’t be touched with bare hands.)


Everyone loves a photobooth at a wedding! Create a beautiful (or just plain fun) backdrop for your guests to take the perfect selfie. Ask them to post their pics on social media with your wedding hashtag so you can see them. You can even download and print their pics to include with your thank you cards!


No, we don’t mean reading a story to your guests. Although, if that’s your thing, go for it! Find a nice composition or journaling book. You can even decorate it to coordinate with your wedding theme. On the first page, write “Once upon a time, (add your wedding date here) to be exact, (add couples’ names here) got married.” Then ask your guests to each write on the following pages to add to the story (one guest would pick up where the other left off). They could even add to it multiple times. Have them write their name next their contribution so you know who wrote what. You’ll have a fun wedding keepsake and coffee table conversation piece to share!


Have you seen videos of silent discos? If not, do yourself a favor and check it out. Each of your guests has their own headphones and listens to their own music. The out of sync dancing that ensues can keep you entertained for hours! Especially when paired with the DIY cocktail bar *wink*


Everyone will love seeing fun photos, and enjoy talking about them even after the slide show has finished! (So exactly why was Uncle Carl riding that llama??)

Don’t be afraid to include traditional wedding activities like your first dance and father/daughter & mother/son dances. If you’re worried about feeling strange slow dancing in your yard, ask everyone to join in and dance with you. Cut your cake ceremoniously, and toss your bouquet. This is still your day, so enjoy every minute of it!

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